Attributes and Traits of the AntiChrist


Despite people really hoping (for some odd reason) that the antichrist is Obama, George Bush, or even the Pope, the biblical text never reveals the actual name of the person. The Scriptures paint a picture as to what he will be like and what the time in which he comes to power will be like. So, it’s important to get any knowledge of the antichrist straight from the source—The Word of God.


He will be a major celebrity, or something like it. (Trump’s reality TV show The Apprentice)


He will a smooth talker, the consummate salesman (Trump’s best-selling book The Art of the Deal)


A con artist, he will deceive many people through fearmongering (Trump’s book Crippled America)


He will be a rich, powerful man (Trump’s book Trump: How to Get Rich)


He will be a real “tough guy” Really Really tough guy. (Trump’s book Time to Get Tough)

“Big Idea” Man:

He will propose things never heard before, and seem to make them happen at first (Trump’s book Think Big and Kick Ass)


He will claim to be able to do things that are impossible for other human beings (Trump’s book Think Like a Champion)

Comeback Artist:

Seemingly left for dead, he will make an amazing comeback (Trump’s book The Art of the Comeback)

Problem Solver:

He will convince people that he alone has the answers to previously unsolvable problems (Trump’s wall, to be paid for by Mexico)

Confidence Man:

Although interested only in himself, he will convince other people to trust him (Trump’s book Why We Want You to Be Rich)


He will claim to be a winner, and delude the masses (Trump’s book The Way to the Top)

Midas Touch:

He will claim that everything he touches turns into gold (Trump’s book Midas Touch)


He will claim that no one can defeat him (Trump promises to protect Israel and to defeat ISIS)


He will be a military leader (Trump claims to be the most militaristic person on the planet)


He will be a “king of fierce countenance” (Trump is a bully and intimidator)


“He shall exalt himself and magnify himself” (Is anyone as arrogant as The Donald?)


“He shall magnify himself above all” (Donald Trump is a God unto Himself)


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